You Can Save Rooftop Solar in Kentucky

Senate Bill 100 has an amendment in the House of Representatives that would protect Kentucky’s independent residential solar industry and make it feasible for homeowners and small-business owners to put solar on their roof. Utility lobbyists are putting pressure on Kentucky legislators to remove the amendment so they can have a monopoly on solar energy.

Call the Legislative Hotline (800)-372-7181 (7AM-9PM weekdays)

You can call the legislative hotline at (800)-372-7181 from 7AM to 9PM weekdays and leave a message for all members of the House. Tell them, “Please DO NOT RECEDE on SB100”.

Or you can email your legislators anytime

Email House Leadership and tell them“Please DO NOT RECEDE on SB100”.

You can find contact info for your Representative here.

If you have time you can also contact Senate MAJORITY LEADERSHIP and tell them “Do Not Pass SB 100 Without HFA1”

Senate President Robert Stivers
President Pro Tempore David Givens
Majority Floor Leader Damon Thayer
Majority Whip Mike Wilson
Majority Caucus Chair Julie Raque Adams

You can find contact info for your Senator here.