How to start a Solarize campaign in your city

A Solarize campaign can help you get more solar installed in your city by making it simple and affordable.

Here are the steps that you will need to take.

1. Download our sample documents.

Click here for sample documents!

2. Build a Team of Volunteers

  • Roles
    • Organizer
    • Social media / website
    • Point of contact for leads
    • Presenter

3. Request for Proposals

  • Get the sample RFP
  • Timeline
  • System requirements
  • Deadlines
  • Spread the word

4. Select Installer(s)

  • Review Proposals
  • Get help with reviews?
  • Meet with selected installer(s) to go over details before workshops begin

5. Workshops

  • Get venues – pubs, library, churches, community centers
  • Presentations – Solarize & Installer
  • Spread the word – Facebook events / ads
  • Emphasize deadlines to sign up

6. Online Signups

  • Online form – Mailchimp, Google Forms
  • Spread the word – Facebook ads
  • Emphasize deadlines to sign up

7. Follow up with Leads

  • Work with installer(s) to establish workflow for leads.
  • Follow up quickly

Need help?

Email us at solarizelex at