Why Solarize Lexington requires NABCEP Certification

The Solarize Lexington RFP includes a requirement that installers must have a full-time employee on staff with NABCEP certification (North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners® ). We have had two inquiries about this requirement. We understand the concern that this requirement is limiting to some of our newer or smaller installation businesses at this time. However, as we have developed this campaign, we have received guidance from successful Solarize programs in Indiana and from a national solar program.

We’ve done our best to create an RFP with requirements that will lead us to be as successful as possible in our first round of Solarize Lexington. All that being said, we hope to continue this effort annually and develop as we go, as I’m sure installers will do also. It’s certainly possible that by next year even more folks will have this certification and be able to participate. We appreciate your enthusiasm and look forward to being able to include you next year. ​

Rachel Norton

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