Kentucky’s net metering program is capped at 1% of the utility’s peak load

Rachel Norton on net metering in Kentucky

…and we’re nowhere near that limit!

Rachel Norton is concerned that net metering will be threatened again in 2018. Anti-net metering legislation (SB 214) was proposed in the spring of 2017 but was withdrawn following public outcry. Rachel came to the December, 2017 net metering hearing of the Interim Joint Committee on Energy and Natural Resources prepared to read a statement from the Kentucky Solar Energy Society but she didn’t get a chance to speak.

Net metering in Kentucky is limited to 1% of peak load for each utility in the state. That means utilities can stop providing net metering once the total capacity of net metered solar systems reaches 1% of their peak load. That limit was put in place in the original legislation to insure that the grid and the utilities didn’t suffer from excess distributed solar. Kentucky is nowhere near that limit so there’s no reason to revise Kentucky’s net metering policy. It’s already very limited.

Rachel works at the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development and serves as Treasurer of the Kentucky Solar Energy Society.

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