Save Kentucky’s net metering – Stop HB 227

The utilities are trying to demolish residential solar

You can help save net metering by calling or emailing your state representative and senator and asking your friends and neighbors to do the same. Call 800-372-7181 to leave a message or click here to find your legislators contact info.

Kentucky ranks 48th in the nation for solar energy policies. The only thing we have going for us is our net metering policy. Compared to policies in other states it is fairly weak. It’s capped at 1% of peak load, which insures that it will never have any adverse effects on the utilities or other ratepayers. And yet the utilities have hired a small army of lobbyists to try to shove HB 227 through the legislature and put an end to net metering and our fledgling rooftop solar industry.

Please take a second to sign our petition and share it with your friends. This will go to all members of the Kentucky House of Representatives.