What is net metering - David Butler

What is net metering?

Net metering is under attack in Kentucky Many states across the country have seen anti-net metering bills pop-up in the last couple of years. Some have been defeated but others […]

Rachel Norton on net metering in Kentucky

Kentucky’s net metering program is capped at 1% of the utility’s peak load

…and we’re nowhere near that limit! Rachel Norton is concerned that net metering will be threatened again in 2018. Anti-net metering legislation (SB 214) was proposed in the spring of […]

Chris Woolery on clean energy in Kentucky

What if we don’t invest in Kentucky’s clean energy economy?

Chris Woolery from MACED outlines the opportunity for Kentucky to invest in clean energy and energy efficiency as well as the risks for not doing so. Policies like net metering […]

Steve Wilkins on net metering in Kentucky

Net metering is not a subsidy. It’s just a credit.

I spoke to Steve Wilkins of Kentuckians for the Commonwealth following a recent legislative hearing on Kentucky’s net metering policy. He is tired of hearing net metering painted as a […]