I founded Solar Kentucky to raise awareness about the potential for solar energy in Kentucky. Solar power works in Kentucky but many Kentuckians still think it’s too expensive or that we don’t have enough sunshine here. Furthermore our policies for solar power are some of the worst in the country. Kentucky is ranked 48th in the nation for solar-friendly policies and our out-of-state monopoly utilities are paying lobbyists to push legislation that will dismantle the one positive solar policy that we have, net metering.

In other states solar-friendly policies create opportunities for people to build community solar projects or to lease a solar system instead of having to finance it or pay for it upfront. We have a lot of work to do to get the truth out about solar and build a base of Kentuckians that will demand better policies from their state legislators.

Solar Kentucky is an all-volunteer project. It’s not a nonprofit or a business, although I would like it to grow into one of those.

Would you like to help? We have volunteer opportunities for people who are skilled in social media, graphic design, writing or video editing. And if you have solar panels or know someone who does we would love to feature your story on SolarKentucky.org. Give me a yell at david at solarkentucky.org.


David Butler